ABservo Sim Siren Hardware



General Description

Through this project you can build your GSM/SMS alarm – siren system and activate it with your smartphone from anywhere with a simple message or call. For instance, just send a text message * 1 and activate a switch-relay to turn on the siren. The configuration of the device is by bluetooth, completely wireless. Very useful in placing this device in high places or of inaccesible site. Module ABServo-Sim is very flexible and configurable. You can modify the behavior of all output – replays, time to activate, toggle mode, and much more. You can validate up to 500 telephone number to let siren on. Complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS solution in a SMT type. SIM800C supports Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz in almost all countries.


Quick guide to begin

Step one – Before you begin
Connect the Bluetooth module on your USB-PC. Wait while windows recognize the hardware. Install the Bluetooth win driver and turn on the ABServo-Sim.

Step two – Ready to config ABServo-Sim
With control-windows-panel find Bluetooth HC-05 device, pair the unit HC-05 with code 1234. Check which com# SSP Serial is attached on BlueTooth.

Step three – Open the Realterm Software
Set the correct spp serial com for the Realterm soft. Adjust the baud rate 9600 or 38400,  parity  none, 8 bits, stop bits 1, hardware control no.

Step four – Quick Config ABServo-Sim
Press /  and enter 4 digit pin 0000 and ENTER and main menu is displayed. Autorized your first number using option 2-Load. Enter your 11 digit phone number, fill 0 left side. Verify your four pin number press P to show parameters. Adjust your pin with Q-password pin 4 digit. Other parameter is in default mode and press s to quit.

Step five – Call or Send SMS

1) Make a call to your ABServo-Sim number when ring, the system look for your registed number if true relay 1 turn on

2) Send *1 to the phone number the system look for your registed number
if true, relay 1 turn on

3) Send *2 to the phone number the system look for your registed number if true, relay 2 turn on .

Your system is ready to work.